New album on it´s way!!

So folks……

The new album recording is all done. The Knockouts spent the last two weeks in Park Studio in Stockholm, owned by the swedish rock act KENT and Stefan Boman. The band teamed up with the legendary producer Stefan Boman who´s previously worked with acts such as KENT, Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, The Hives and the list goes on…. to cut the album …. and what a collboration!!! “We wanted to record live and felt that the songs needed lots of room sound and wanted to use a lot of analog equipment so Stefan was the right man for the job” says Johan.


For all of you record collectors we can announce that the album WILL be released on both CD AND VINYL !!  The first vinyl press will be a very limited edition so keep your eyes open for more info!!

And for all of you who  emailed, commented and asked us “what will the title be???”….. The new album will be called….


Realease dates to be announced!!!

And if this wasn´t enough MR Kevin Mckendree the awesome piano player behind Brian Setzer, John Oates and more laid down som fantastic piano tracks in the studio!

Loads of more info to come!! Stay tuned!!


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